What Are Types of Investments Does Pershing Offer?


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Pershing offers a number of alternative investment options that include non-traded real estate investment trusts, hedge funds, limited partnerships and private equity, according to the company's official website. Pershing also offers a number of more traditional investment options, such as mutual funds, 529 college saving plans, tax-advantaged Coverdell accounts and health savings accounts.

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What Are Types of Investments Does Pershing Offer?
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Pershing's FundCenter offers access to more than 23,000 mutual funds and 6,000 no transaction fee, or NTF, funds. FundVest 200 is a feature that offers a list of NTF mutual funds created through intensive research on the market, notes Pershing.com. Compiled quarterly by Lockwood Advisors, FundVest 200 helps users select the right mutual funds for their needs. Pershing's FundVest Focus, FundVest Institutional and FundVest Offshore programs provide load-waived funds at net asset value.

Pershing's emphasis on transparency allows clients to explore alternative allocations and plan for future investment opportunities, explains the company's website. The Alternative Investment Center enables clients to compare different options through screens and filters while accessing in-depth research tools. Pershing's 529 college saving plans, Coverdell accounts and health savings accounts also allow clients to invest for the purposes of education or health plan costs while ensuring that the client receives every tax advantage available at a low cost.

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