What Are Some Types of Homes Through Bocas Del Toro Panama Real Estate?

types-homes-through-bocas-del-toro-panama-real-estate Credit: Connie Coleman/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Bocas del Toro primarily features beachfront condos, villas and luxury homes. The real estate agency focuses on middle to upper-class home buyers and potential developers.

Bocas del Toro focuses on individuals who are considering to move or retire to Panama. There are few "starter homes." Many of the homes features on the website would be considered second homes or retirement investments.

The homes are often located in secluded areas of Panama and are situated on large plots of land. The vast majority of homes are beachfront or near beachfront. The agency also features some Spanish-style custom homes. Some homes are offered in packaged deals which may also contain commercial properties.