What Types of Homes Are Available for Troubled Teenagers?


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Some homes available for troubled teens include group homes, residential treatment and drug centers, temporary shelters and wilderness therapy, according to About.com. There are also boot camps for troubled teens.

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Group homes are a common option for troubled teens because they combine shelter and a safe place for teens to overcome their obstacles, says About.com. Group homes give teens a homelike environment with 24-hour supervision, schooling and learning activities. There are daily schedules, chores and strict rules to follow. Teens help with cleaning, laundry and planning activities with other members of the group home. They also go through treatment programs if they are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, emotional or physical trauma, psychological issues or eating disorders.

Another option for troubled teens is a boot camp environment, notes About.com. These are ideal for teens who don't respect authority, refuse to take responsibility for their actions and have issues with self-control. Teens typically live in a military-style environment with extremely strict rules, intense discipline and structure, and constant supervision. They also tend to include a large physical element to help avoid a life of crime and get back on the road to a bright future.

Residential treatment centers are also available, which provide a home for troubled teens and help treat substance abuse problems, according to About.com. These temporary homes include group and individual therapy.

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