What Are Some Types of Home Medical Equipment That You Can Rent?


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Some types of home medical equipment available for rent include mobility aids such as wheelchairs and scooters, health monitoring systems, portable oxygen concentrators and personal care items such as specialty toilet seats or cleaning implements. Many stores also rent items such as specialty chairs and beds as well as ramps for gaining access to homes and vehicles.

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Mobility aids are a type of home medical equipment that stores commonly rent because many users only need them for limited periods of time or under specific circumstances, such as extended travel. This includes both manual and electric wheelchairs, with the motorized variants frequently available to rent due to the increased price as a result of the mechanical components. Personal scooters are also typically available for rent, as they also carry a higher price and special maintenance requirements that make purchasing a costly investment. Similarly, home medical supply rental stores may also carry ramps and lifts to help the disabled enter homes while on a mobility aid.

Specialty medical beds are also often available to rent, carrying features such as motorized inclining or the option to mount other medical equipment onto special stands. Some rental stores may also offer mechanized chairs that help those with joint issues stand up and sit down without discomfort. These rental stores also commonly rent a wide range of monitoring equipment, including oxygen machines and respirators as well as heart rate tracking devices.

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