What Types of Grain Dryers Does Farm Fans Manufacture?

What Types of Grain Dryers Does Farm Fans Manufacture?

Farm Fan's product line of grain dryers includes portable single modules, portable stack dryers, tower modules and tower units. The Farm Fan brand is owned and marketed by Grain Systems, which is a subsidiary of the ARCO Corporation.

Each product model is designed for different grain drying capacities, bin sizes and applications. All Farm Fan grain dryers are rated four stars for energy efficiency. The actual capacity of the units depends on the amount of moisture that is being removed from the grain.

Both of the portable units are for on-farm applications to allow farmers to begin harvesting their crops sooner and at a higher moisture content. This reduces dry matter loss as the corn dries down in the field and the possibility of crop damage due to impending fall and winter weather. They are typically used for smaller storage bins located by the fields.

The portable modular units can remove 5 points of moisture per bushel at 1,160 bushels per hour or 10 points at 720 BPH. Stack units have a 4,000 and 2,480 BPH drying rate respectively. Both units use either single- or three-phase electricity and propane or natural gas.

Modular tower units have a similar drying capacity as the portable units. The full tower units are for industrial use and can dry from 4,200 to 12,000 BPH depending on the model and moisture content removal setting. All tower dryers require three-phase power along with a propane or natural gas supply.