What Are Some Types of Garden Tractor Attachments?


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Baggers, sprayers and spreaders, tillers and cultivators, and snow-handling equipment are some types attachments available for garden tractors. The attachments can perform a wide variety of tasks in both large and small applications. Other types of attachments available for garden tractors include chippers, carts, aerators and dethatchers, and raking and leveling gear. Some attachments are made to fit specific brands or models of garden tractors, while others may require special mounting equipment; many use a universal hitch system.

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A wide variety of garden tractor attachments is typically available from stores that sell home improvement products and equipment such as Sears, The Home Depot and Amazon.com.

Baggers, which are designed to fit specific models of tractors, connect to the discharge unit on the vehicle to collect grass clippings and other debris generated while mowing. This type of attachment typically is available in single, double and triple bin configurations to provide the required capacity.

Sprayer and spreader attachments allow for the easy and even distribution of many items including seed, fertilizer, ice melt, herbicides and pesticides. Tillers and cultivators are typically used to break up and prepare the soil before planting a garden. Both types of attachments usually have universal pin-style hitches that can be adjusted to fit many different garden tractors.

Snow-handling equipment includes snow blowers and blades for pushing snow. Many times this type of equipment requires a one-time installation of mounting brackets or other devices that connect to the attachment and operate its functions.

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