What Types of Financial Advice and Resources Are Available From Suze Orman?

Suze Orman's website provides financial advice covering a wide range of topics, including saving for retirement, financial independence, budgeting, life insurance and building credit. A resource center lists several recommended individuals and companies that offer help with mutual funds, stocks, annuities, credit unions and retirement planning, according to her website.

Suze Orman offers several personal finance tools, such as an expense tracker, a debt eliminator app, a compound interest forecaster, a mortgage refinance calculator and an average cost basis analyzer, notes the company website. The debt eliminator app requires users to have access to statements for all the credit cards for which they have a balance. Users who want to check if their spending habits meet the national average can use the expense tracker program. The website's compound interest forecaster helps people get a rough estimate on how regular monthly savings can grow over time. The average cost basis analyzer allows people who invested in the stock market to find out how much they would make or lose if they sold their stocks at a certain price.

Informative products for people of varying financial needs can also be purchased online, explains Suze Orman's website. Interested readers can learn more about her books, such as "The Money Class," "The Laws of Money," "The 9 Steps," "The Road to Wealth" and "You've Earned It."