What Are Some Types of Farm Sprayers?

What Are Some Types of Farm Sprayers?

Types of farm sprayers include hand-held sprayers, backpack sprayers, pull-behind sprayers and aerial applicators. Farm sprayers are used for applying herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers to plants.

Hand-held sprayers are used for small applications and smaller areas and typically hold up to 2 gallons. They feature a rubber tube connected to a tank with an application wand and spray nozzle at the base of the tube. The user operates a pumping mechanism located at the top of the container to spray liquid.

The rubber hose on a backpack sprayer extends from the bottom of the tank. The operator straps the equipment to his back and applies pressure to the pump mechanism to apply liquid. A typical backpack sprayer can hold up to 4 gallons of liquid.

A pull-behind sprayer is towed behind an all-terrain vehicle or tractor for bigger jobs. The sprayer may be attached to a vehicle’s electrical system or feature an internal battery to work the pump. The operator uses a remote control to command the spray and flow of liquid.

Lastly, aerial applicators are used for multiple acres and attached to a small plane. The underside of the plane is equipped with multiple nozzles, and the built-in mechanical pump is powered by the plane’s electrical system. The pilot may use an electrical device or remote control to command spray and flow.