What Types of Extra Medical Services Does Medicare Part B Help to Provide?


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Medicare Part B pays for services that prevent or detect illness, and the medically necessary supplies, tests and doctors' services needed to treat current illnesses. Part B also offers very limited prescription drug coverage, according to Medicare.gov. These services include X-rays and other imaging tests, examinations that screen for diabetes, cancer and heart disease, and part-time nursing, physical therapy and speech therapy, according to Nolo.

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Seniors who need mental health treatment receive benefits from Medicare Part B, according to Medicare.gov. Covered treatments include inpatient and outpatient treatment, as well as partial hospitalization when necessary.

Medicare Part B also pays for recipients who want a second surgical opinion, need ambulance service between care facilities, or want to enroll in a clinical trial, notes Nolo. This insurance covers a wide range of medical supplies and equipment, including wheelchairs, at-home hospital beds, and ventilators. Medicare Part B also agrees to pay for prosthetics, pacemakers, equipment for monitory blood glucose, body braces and splints.

Neither Medicare Part A or Part B pay for most dental services, dentures, hearing aids, eye examinations to prescribe eyeglasses or custodial long-term care, notes Medicare.gov. Unlike Medicare Part A, seniors pay a premium for Part B coverage. To receive outpatient prescription drug coverage for most conditions, seniors must sign up for Medicare Part D, notes Medicare Interactive.

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