What Types of Employers Generally Require a Typing Test?


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Employment opportunities requiring typing tests cross a wide number of fields, including office and clerical, administrative and executive assistants, as well as legal secretarial positions. Additionally, organizations seeking computer coders, medical transcribers and stenographers also commonly require typing tests.

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What Types of Employers Generally Require a Typing Test?
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Applicants should carefully examine a job posting requiring typing certification, as demands vary from field to field and position to position. For example, some jobs require only that the applicant be proficient in light typing, whereas others demand him to be able to type both quickly and accurately, as in a stenography position. The level of speed and accuracy required is typically reflected in the word count stipulated in the job posting. For instance, 25 words per minute indicates expectations for light typing, while 40 words per minute indicates a need for the typist to be fast and accurate.

Generally speaking, agencies certifying applicants in typing proficiency offer three different length exams: usually three, five or 10 minutes. The prospective employer chooses the length exam the applicant takes, along with the word count specified. To prepare for testing, the applicant can utilize online practice sites or computer software designed to build up speed and efficiency. While some certifying agencies themselves can also be found online, some have dubious authenticity. Consequently, the applicant is commonly better off testing in person at a reputed agency's facility, rather than on the Internet.

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