What Types of Duties Does Working in a Hotel Front Office Entail?


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Hotel front office employees are responsible for maintaining clear and open lines of communication between guests and hotel employees, coordinating lines of internal communication, operating a wide range of computer applications, anticipating guests needs, and maintaining the physical appearance of the hotel's lobby. Front office employees must also maintain a positive and pleasant demeanor when dealing with guests.

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Based on the dynamic nature of the hotel industry, front office employees face a wide range of problems, including guest complaints, operational communication issues, and large scale logistical problems. While the primary means of dealing with the majority of these issues is anticipation, it is not possible for front office employees to foresee every possible problem for a given situation. Problem solving is an integral skill when dealing with unforeseen issues.

Front office employees must have strong interpersonal communication skills. They are the primary contact that guests have with the hotel, they're responsible for answering phones, booking reservations and greeting guests when they enter the hotel. Front office employees are also responsible for coordinating projects involving large numbers of back-of-house employees.

Front office employees are responsible for organizing files, maintaining a neat work space, and keeping the hotel lobby free of clutter and obstructions.

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