What Are Some Types of Drum Lids?


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Common types of drum lids include solid lids, strainer lids, elastic lids, hinged lids and lids with gaskets. Most drum lids are designed to fit standard 55-gallon liquid and solid storage drums, but specialty lids are available for smaller drums as well. Drums lids are usually manufactured specifically for either steel or plastic storage drums, but some lids fit drums made of either material.

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Solid lids are by far the most common type of drum lid. These lids are made from either plastic or metal, and they fit over the drum's opening, sealing in its contents. Solid lids used for drums that carry liquids are also available with rubber or silicone gaskets to prevent the contents from leaking out. Some manufacturers also produce solid lids with removable screw caps, allowing users to add to or remove from the drum's contents.

A hinged lid is similar to a solid lid but uses a two-part construction with a solid top and a metal ring on the bottom. The top and the bottom are connected by a hinge, allowing easy access to the drum's contents. Hinged lids are typically manufactured from steel and then powder coated, as they receive frequent use.

A strainer lid is a piece of fine mesh with an elastic ring that fits over the drum's opening. Strainer lids allow liquid collection in drums while preventing solid particles from entering the contents.

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