What Are Some Types of Detectives?

Homicide detectives and cyber crime detectives are some types of detectives. Other types of detectives include narcotics detectives and cold case detectives. Detectives can specialize in different areas and they use facts to unravel cases.

Homicide detectives investigate cases where the death of a person shows signs of foul play. Several detectives may work together on such a case. However, it is common for one detective to oversee a particular investigation. The detectives visit the crime scene and record interviews with witnesses, family members and friends.

If someone commits a crime over the Internet, cyber crime detectives investigate the crime. The detectives can monitor chat rooms to prevent children from falling victim to crimes. Some common cyber crimes include Internet-based scams and identity theft. The detectives can take courses in computer processes and computer investigation.

Cases of illegal purchase and sale of narcotics are prevalent. To prevent this, narcotics detectives carry out undercover operations and investigate such cases. Other responsibilities of narcotics detectives include infiltrating drug trafficking groups and tracing the connections of suspected drug dealers.

Cold case detectives mostly work on unsolved homicides and cases involving missing adults and children. They can work at the state, local or federal levels. The investigators mostly work alone but can work as a team if a case is high-profile. These detectives must go through the original case files and the recorded statements.