What Types of Dental Insurance Plans Does Ameritas Offer?

What Types of Dental Insurance Plans Does Ameritas Offer?

Ameritas offers dental insurance plans such as traditional tailored indemnity, value source, essential dental, managed care/provider network and dental rewards, according to Ameritas. Other plans include orthodontia, cosmetic, high/low, core/buy-up and a dual choice option. It also offers sensible choice, voluntary, administrative services only and small group trust.

All plans that Ameritas offers provide coverage after members pay a $50 deductible per person. Each plan comes with either one or two exams and cleanings annually, states Ameritas. A dental rewards plan rewards members for practicing good oral wellness. If a member does not use some of his annual maximum, he can qualify to carry it forward for use in the following year.

A cosmetic plan covers teeth whitening and tooth-color composites on molars. High/low plans provide two dental procedure reimbursement levels, giving members flexibility in one plan, explains Ameritas.

Core plans offer members the ability to get a core benefit, but they can also opt to buy a richer option. With this, employers can provide a core benefit, while employees who need extra can still access it.

Sensible choice plans provide reimbursement based on the dollar amount a member spends on dental care and not the type of services a member receives, states Ameritas. Based on needs and goals, members can also choose a set of smart choice tools to keep their costs predictable and manageable.