What Types of Credit Cards Does Costco Accept for Online Purchases?

Costco accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and its own branded Costco credit card for online purchases as of 2015, according to Costco.com. Costco also accepts Costo Cash cards, which are Costco gift cards. Costco's Cash cards can be used on Costco.com or in any of its warehouses and gas stations.

To use a credit card to purchase items on Costco.com, the shopper must be a member of Costco or pay a five percent surcharge over the posted member prices for products, notes Costco.com. To become a member, the shopper must fill out an application and pay the membership fee. To shop on Costco.com, the member must also create an account.

Costco offers a chain of stores across the country, and membership with Costco entitles the member to shop at any Costco location, purchase fuel and other items in Costco gas stations and shop online at Costco.com. However, non-members are not charged surcharges for filling prescriptions in Costco's pharmacies.

Costco offers several membership levels. Basic Gold Star and Business memberships are $55 as of 2015. Costco's Executive membership is $110 and comes with a two percent rebate on purchases made at Costco and discounts on Costco services and Costco Travel, among other benefits.