What Types of Credit Cards Does Capital One Offer?


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Capital One offers 15 different credit cards as of July 2015, according to the company website. These range from the Journey Student Rewards Visa, which carries no annual fee and offers a cash back reward of up to 1.25 percent on purchases, to the company's Secured MasterCard, which requires a refundable deposit of up to $200.

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Capital One offers five different travel rewards credit cards, with the Venture Rewards and VentureOne Rewards cards available for individuals, and the Spark Miles, Spark Miles Select and Spark Select cards available to business clients, according to the company website. All of these cards offer varying rates travel miles accumulation, variable APRs, and no annual fee in the first year of use and no fee thereafter for select cards.

Six different cash back cards are available from Capital One, says the company's website. These include two individual cards, one student card and three business cards. With the exception of the QuicksilverOne Rewards MasterCard, all carry no annual fee in their first year of usage, and four have no annual fee charged thereafter either. Cash back accumulation rates vary from 1 to 2 percent, and APRs are variable for each card, with several offering 0 percent introductory rates.

The bank also classifies its cards on the basis of their availability to individuals with rebuilding, average or excellent credit levels, with one, five and nine cards available respectively, according to Capital One. Only four of the company's cards do not provide rewards. In addition to the Secured MasterCard for individuals needing to rebuild their credit, these include the Platinum Prestige, Classic Platinum and Platinum cards, with the latter two cards offering availability to individuals with average credit and the former offering a favorable APR in lieu of rewards.

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