What Types of Coverage Does Tufts Health Plan Provide?

What Types of Coverage Does Tufts Health Plan Provide?

Tufts Health Plan provides coverage for individuals, families and employer groups, and it has supplemental Medicare plans for retirees, according to its website. Standard network plans for individuals and families have a long list of participating doctors and hospitals in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Parts of the standard network include HMO and PPO choices as well.

Employer group coverage contains categorized plans called platinum, gold and silver, notes Tufts Health Plan. The Massachusetts small group plan refers to employer group plan coverage. These plans come as fully and self-insured. The Tufts employer plans give employees quality care at a valued price.

Retiree plans, often called supplemental Medicare plans, offer a full range of comprehensive coverage through Tufts that reduces the expense of senior medical care. Tufts Health Plan Medicare Preferred is its Medicare Advantage plan. Tufts Medicare sells in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island, notes its website

Tufts Health Plan has a network committed to finding and bringing into the network high-performing hospitals and physicians. The process Tufts hospitals go through to maintain their credentials is part of a national quality assurance program, according to Tufts Health Plan.

Part of the structure of Tufts Health Plan is tier-based. Tufts update its tiers annually so that any changes in the cost or quality of care is reflected in what is readily available to consumers, explains Tufts Health Plan.