What Types of Computer-Aided Design Jobs Are Available?


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Computer aided design jobs are available in a wide range of industries ranging from manufacturing and design to aerospace and architecture, with most roles focusing on design or engineering roles that involve directly using the software to create various designs. These jobs, commonly known as drafter positions, vary somewhat depending on the nature of the company and the product the in question.

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Computer aided design software allows the user to make a two dimensional or three dimensional image through a variety of drawing and graphical tools. The primary purpose of the software is to create plans and virtual models for use in a project, typically involving some form of physical construction. One common filed that offers computer aided design drafter jobs is manufacturing, wherein the employee uses the software to take the written specifications of an item and make a rendering with the software. This rendering is then analyzed by various departments for compliance with internal standards so that the company can begin production on it.

Similarly, many engineering, aerospace and automotive companies employ computer aided design drafters to make plans and models. For example, a automotive company may use the software to quickly test new visual designs for an upcoming model, while an aerospace company can take a three dimensional model of a plane and feed it into simulation software to test new production techniques. Architectural firms also use computer aided design drafters to create visual samples of plans to present to clients before beginning the actual construction.

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