What Types of Companies Are Part of the Dow Jones 30 Component Companies?


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As of July 2015, the Dow Jones 30 is composed of technology companies such as Apple and IBM, financial companies such as JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs, and energy companies such as Chevron and Exxon Mobil, states The New York Job Source. The 30 biggest American companies form the index.

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Other types of companies include retailers such as Walmart and Home Depot, food companies such as McDonald's and Coca-Cola, pharmaceutical giants like Merck and Pfizer, credit card companies American Express and Visa, aerospace companies Boeing and United Technologies, conglomerates 3M and General Electric; and consumer goods makers Johnson and Johnson and Procter and Gamble, according to NY Job Source. Also included in the index are telecommunications giant, Verizon; entertainment company, Disney; software company, Microsoft; chemical company, DuPont; and apparel maker, Nike.

These companies' stocks are amongst the most widely held stocks worldwide since they are considered one of the most stable blue chip stocks available. Since the index' start in 1896, of its original companies, only General Electric remains. Though most of the companies in the index offer a regular dividend to investors, the index is criticized for a lack of diversification among the types of companies and does not really give a general idea of the U.S. market's performance, asserts Dividend.com.

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