What Types of Companies Hire for Housekeeping Services?


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Housekeepers generally find work in hotels and motels, but they are also hired by nursing and residential care facilities and hospitals. Housekeepers may also work in buildings and private dwellings.

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What Types of Companies Hire for Housekeeping Services?
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There were around 1.4 million people working as maids and housekeepers in 2012; around 12 percent of those working in the profession were self-employed. The median 2012 wage for housekeeping jobs was $19,570, which averages around $9.41 per hour.

Jobs in housekeeping are poised to grow at an average rate through 2022. Estimates hold that there will be around 183,400 new jobs in the housekeeping profession by that time, which is a 13 percent uptick in the number of jobs available.

Most housekeeping jobs are full time, although those who work in hospitals and hotels tend to work a part-time schedule and may work evenings and weekends. The work of a housekeeper is demanding physically, but there are no educational requirements, and those with no education can usually be hired for the job. Short-term on-the-job training is usually provided.

Housekeepers spend most of the work day on their feet, and they may be required to push or lift heavy furniture. Because of the labor-intense duties of housekeepers, illnesses and injuries are higher among members of the profession than the national average.

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