What Are the Types of Communication Systems?

The various types of communication systems include tactical, duplex, radio, optical and half duplex. These systems enable the passage of messages from one point to another to achieve a given goal.

Each type of communication system uses a medium or group of media to achieve its goals. Optical communication systems use light as the main mode of transmission. A sender creates a message through the use of light signals, after which the recipient decodes its meaning and responds accordingly. Radio communication systems use a transmitter and a receiver equipped with an antenna.

In duplex communication systems, two pieces of equipment are used to pass messages simultaneously. A good example in this category is communication through telephones. Both the caller and receiver are able to pass messages repeatedly.

In half duplex systems, only one person can pass a message, and afterwards, the recipient can respond. The use of walkie talkies is one good example of a half duplex communication system.

Tactical communication systems are normally used in military circles because they are able to adapt to changing situations in the environment.