What Are Some Types of Common Certification Exam Questions?


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The exact types of questions for a certification exam vary according to the type of certification, though most generally focus on the procedures and processes involved with performing a specific occupation. In general, a certification exam contains questions that test the candidate's knowledge and ability to function within official guidelines.

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Some common types of questions on a certification exam include asking a candidate to recite specific facts about a trade or skill, such as part names or procedure titles. Other questions may appear as hypothetical situations in which the candidate must explain the correct course of action. Similarly, many questions also focus on implementing a skill unique to a specific job, such as drawing blood for a phlebotomy certification.

Many industries, including electrical engineering, copy writing, medicine and computer programming, employ a certification system that allows individuals to demonstrate a minimum level of knowledge and ability on a particular subject or skill set. Some certifications come from an official governing body that outlines a specific set of standards to which all candidates must adhere in order to obtain the qualification, such as attending classes or performing specific skills while under the supervision of a proctor. Other certifications come from educational or professional institutions and focus on proficiency with a specific skill or system. In all cases, certification acknowledges that the candidate meets or exceeds the guidelines and has the endorsement of the certifying body.

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