What Types of Careers Are Available in the Home Shopping Party Business?


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Careers within the home shopping party industry typically focus on either sales associate roles, which involve organizing and hosting the shopping parties, or corporate roles within the parent company itself. The sales roles often involve travel and merchandise management, while corporate careers can focus on areas such as marketing, management, customer service, accounting or graphic design.

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The home shopping party business model involves a company offering products primarily or exclusively through private purchasing events, making the products more exclusive and controlling their distribution while lowering operational costs associated with shipping to retailers. Careers within this industry primarily exist through sales associate roles, as they make up the bulk of a company's workforce and are the primary contributor to product distribution. Some companies may require sales associates to pay entrance fees to participate in the program or to buy the merchandise directly before each sale party. Products available through these companies may include home goods, clothing, jewelry, accessories, or food and drink items.

Many home shopping party companies also maintain a corporate workforce that handles all the other aspects of running the business. Careers on this side fall into a wide range of common business and office positions, depending on the size and scope of the company. Some businesses offer positions supporting sales associates, coordinating orders and shipping inventory. They also hire support agents for the end consumers. The companies commonly also offer roles in financial and promotional departments along with management positions.

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