What Are Some Types of Business Expenses?


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Various types of business expenses include such as items as payroll, overhead, inventory, office supplies and travel, according to the Houston Chronicle. Other expenses may include product delivery, computer and Internet access, accounting and website development and maintenance. The types and amounts of expenses a business incurs depends on the size and type of the company.

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For a good portion of small businesses, the number one expense is payroll, says the Houston Chronicle. The way such an expense is handled, therefore, greatly affects the effectiveness and success of a business. Inventory is another major expense for businesses that sell products. Handling inventory expenses so that there is not an oversupply and enough to cover demands is a essential to making a profit. Office supply expenses range from simple items such as pencils and paper clips to furniture and printers.

Such supply expenses differ from technological expenses such as those for purchasing computers and online access, something crucial to most businesses, reports the Houston Chronicle. Connected to this are expenses to set up a website and help maintain it to establish a vibrant presence for the business online. Other connections to customers and the outside world may incur expenses such as those for employee travel or delivery of products.

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