What Types of Benefits Does New York Life Offer Its Customers?

What Types of Benefits Does New York Life Offer Its Customers?

New York Life advertises life insurance products, long-term care insurance options, annuity and investment products on its site. It also offers services that teach customers about financial stability and how to plan for retirement.

New York Life advertises life insurance products for families and individuals of every age and income level. Young families can choose term life, or a couple just starting out can choose whole life insurance. New York Life works with AARP2, so it can offer annuities and life insurance products and benefits to AARP members.

New York Life also advertises investment services for retirement savings and helps customers turn those savings into lifelong income streams. As a financial institution, the company serves institutional and retail clients and manages its own general account. It offers annuity and insurance products through its own agents and third-party financial advisers and brokers.

New York Life states that it offers institutional strategies to manage investments made by major corporations, endowments, financial service firms, and state and local government agencies.

Some of the company's investments are guaranteed, but it warns that many of its investment offerings, such as its mutual funds, annuities and separately managed accounts, are higher risk and may incur losses.