What Types of Benefits Do Golden Rule Health Insurance Offer?

Golden Rule has several health insurance plans; these plans provide coverage for routine office visits, vision care, dental care, emergency care, critical illnesses and disability. As of 2015, Golden Rule offers plans for short-term care, long-term care and traveling overseas, according to GoldenRule.com. Plans are designed for individuals and families and vary in price and restrictions depending on state of residence.

The benefits afforded by Golden Rule health insurance vary based on specific plans, states GoldenRule.com. Some plans have premium payments, and others are designed as copay plans. For a low-cost premium, the company offers a catastrophic plan called the Saver Plan. This plan has a low monthly rate but affords the lowest amount of financial coverage for serious illnesses and hospital stays. This plan carries a deductible and provides up to three free in-network visits for patients to their primary care physicians as of 2015.

For families, Golden Rule suggests a copay plan; these plans come in four categories, including bronze, silver, gold and platinum, and all require copays for visits to primary care physicians and specialists. Once the copay is met, Golden Rule pays the remaining fees and covers prescription drug costs. The Bronze plan offers varying deductibles and discounted prices for medication. The Gold plan has a higher deductible than the Silver plan, but both offer tiered rates for medicine. The Platinum plan has the lowest monthly rates and deductible but costs more upfront.