What Types of Awards Are Available From O.C. Tanner?

O.C. Tanner offers awards in the following fields: Social Appreciation; Performance Recognition; Service and Event Awards; World-Class Training and Corporate Well Being. Each type of award is available independently of the other types, but the company recommends an all-encompassing approach to improve workplace morale and productivity.

Social Appreciation awards include eButtons and eCards. The former is a static digital image saying thank you in one of 14 different languages, encouraging employees to share their congratulations with the rest of the workforce. The latter is an animated image, adding additional life to the unmoving eButton. The program also includes a Wall of Fame that enables employees to share and like each other's posts in a manner reminiscent of social media.

Performance Recognition awards involve a present given to an employee as a thank you for a job well done. O.C. Tanner allows employers to design a system that works for their company, including who approves reward expenditures, customized trophies and a points system that allows employees to choose their own rewards. All of this is manageable on the company's iAppreciate app.

Digital Yearbooks are fully customizable anniversary celebrations that commemorate an employee's service time or other achievement. Other employees are encouraged to participate by posting praise for the individual being celebrated. If the company as a whole is celebrating a special milestone rather than one person, O.C. Tanner offers a range of keepsakes for those occasions as well.

The company offers Welbe, a digital tracker for everything from goals achieved to hours slept that measures the overall well-being of employees. Special training programs are also available to foster unity in the workplace. O.C Tanner's research indicates that employees are at their happiest and most productive when they feel their employer and fellow employees care about them.