What Types of Agricultural Sprayers Are Available?

What Types of Agricultural Sprayers Are Available?

Backpack sprayers, hand compression sprayers, self-propelled sprayers and pull-behind sprayers are some types of agricultural sprayers available. Each type of sprayer is designed for its own particular duty.

Bottled and hand sprayers hold about 1 to 2 gallons of liquid. Their pumping mechanisms are at the top of the containers. Hand-held sprayers are used for small areas and light applications. They also require no specific skills for their operation because they are lightweight and ideal for beginners.

Backpack sprayers are strapped to the back of the operators and hold more liquid than hand-held sprayers. Operators can apply pressure to the liquid by pumping the pump mechanism with one hand while the other holds the application wand.

Pull-behind sprayers are used for bigger tasks and typically are attached to and pulled by a tractor. A boom with multiple nozzles that extends out on the back of the vehicle applies the spray. A mechanical pump generates pressure within the pull-behind sprayer and is powered by the vehicle’s electrical system.

Self-propelled sprayers are self-contained with engines, tanks and application booms attached. The sprayers may incorporate hand wands that spray crops such as grapes. A mechanical pump generates pressure in the holding tank. The pumps utilize human control to maneuver them all around fields.