What Types of Accounts Does Janus Capital Group Offer?


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Janus International Holding offers personal and institutional investment accounts, as of 2015. The company offers asset allocation, equity, bond and money market funds for individual investors, along with U.S. growth, asset allocation, fixed income, global equity and non-U.S equity funds for institutional investors, with several investment opportunities in each fund.

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Janus International Holding offers conservative, moderate and growth asset allocation funds for individuals and a balanced asset allocation fund for institutional investors. The company offers more than 30 equity fund investment opportunities for individuals, as well as seven bond funds with various return possibilities. Equity funds are available that invest in small, mid-size and large companies, as well as global companies focused on healthcare. Janus offers money market funds for individuals who invest in the obligations of financial institutions and the federal government.

Janus offers 10 institutional U.S. growth funds and four fixed income funds. The company's fixed income funds have various goals and risk levels, with some focused on capital preservation and risk-adjusted return, while others are aimed at immediate growth but with greater risk. Janus global equity funds for institutions involve investments in companies that Janus has identified as benefiting from various international rules and laws regarding operations and investment. The company also offers a global real estate fund focused on companies that have holdings in strategic locations, and that have a history of creating value.

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