What Type of Work Is Available for Convicted Felons?


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While people convicted of felonies encounter many barriers to employment, they are often able to find work in construction, factories, custodial services and housekeeping departments. They also tend to be more successful in applying for jobs with small businesses that consider applicants on a case-by-case basis, unlike many large corporations.

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What Type of Work Is Available for Convicted Felons?
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When it comes to applying for work as a felon, it is best to be aware of what appears on a background check and to be honest about it with prospective employers. In some cases, prospective employers are appreciative of an applicant's candor and see it as a favorable attribute.

Convicted felons should take the time to learn which companies refuse to hire felons to avoid wasting their time. Banks and other financial institutions do not hire felons, neither do schools, hospitals, nursing homes, day care providers or most government organizations. Some workforce development centers work with felons to secure employment.

Many felons frustrated by closed doors to employment become entrepreneurs, starting their own businesses. Some of those who are confident and determined are able to parlay their knowledge from a certain industry or former career into private consultant work. In other instances, they join efforts with friends or family members who have money to invest in a new business.

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