What Type of Treatments Does Saint Lukes Hospital Specialize In?


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Saint Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, specializes in a wide range of treatments, covering ailments such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, liver damage and matters of the brain. It also offers special treatments to deal with conditions such as sleep apnea, weight management, geriatric care and organ transplants.

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Saint Luke's Hospital structures its treatment options to cover as many common conditions as possible in order to offer patients the most flexibility in obtaining health care services. One of its departments focuses on the field of oncology, the diagnoses and treatment of cancer, which includes counselors to help patients and family members cope with the disease, as well as specialists to help develop effective treatment plans for patients, according to the condition and state of the disease. Similarly, the hospital also has separate centers to deal with heart disease and liver disease, each of which includes both treatment services to curb the effects of the ailments, and educational aids to help patients alter lifestyle choices.

Another service the hospital offers focuses on weight management, which includes dietitians to offer advice on healthy eating, and consultants to explain different surgical options. The hospital also contains several other departments to help patients cope with common medical issues, such as the inability to sleep without snoring, low blood sugar levels and various issues that come with age. It also has a full organ transplant and surgical facility.

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