What Type of Training Does a Security Guard Need?


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The type of training security guards need varies considerably from state to state. For example, candidates in California must complete 40 hours of training before they can become security guards, but people must undergo at least 71 hours of training to become guards in New York.

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In most states, a Bureau of Security or Division of Criminal Justice processes applications from prospective security guards. Some states allow applicants to complete training requirements online. Certain security guard requirements are fairly uniform across states. For example, only people 18 years of age or older can serve as security guards.

Despite working relatively dangerous jobs, security guards generally receive moderate pay. Armored car guards earn $20,000 per year on average. Guards at hospitals and schools are the highest-paid security guards, with an average salary of $26,000.

Candidates with high school diplomas are particularly well-suited for security guard positions, though this is not a strict requirement. For higher pay potential and improved promotion opportunities, security guards can secure associate's degrees in criminal justice. Receiving a higher education is critical for working in security guard management or starting an independent security firm. As of 2015, gaming security positions in casinos are the fastest-growing jobs in the security industry.

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