What Type of Stores Sell Empty 5-Inch by 7-Inch Boxes?


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5-inch by 7-inch boxes made of cardboard, decorative material or transparent plastic can be found through Staples, Amazon.com and the Container Store. These boxes are popular for photographs, jewelry, small gifts, greeting cards and index cards.

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Staples.com offers convenient online sizing and ordering options for 5-inch by 7-inch boxes but only sells corrugated cardboard boxes in this size. The Container Store sells a much larger variety of styles and sizes. Like Staples, The Container Store can be searched online or visited in person at a brick-and-mortar location. The most commonly available 5-inch by 7-inch boxes from The Container Store are transparent and are designed primarily for photo storage. Finally, Amazon.com and its associated sellers offer the widest selection of 5-inch by 7-inch boxes including everything from cardboard boxes to decorative gift boxes to transparent photo containers.

Prices for 5-inch by 7-inch boxes range from about $5 to $25 and are generally about $12 before shipping costs, as of 2015. Despite their simplicity, boxes are relatively complicated to manufacture and require specific box-manufacturing facilities. Cardboard boxes are made from pine trees, plastic boxes are made through injection molding and chemical processes, and decorative boxes are made from various types of tree pulp.

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