What Type of Services Does Ask Australia Provide?

What Type of Services Does Ask Australia Provide?

Ask Australia is a market research firm that collects field data for companies and governmental agencies through a variety of methods, including telephone interviewing, quantitative research, focus group recruiting, research prospect canvassing and language services. It also provides in-depth executive interviews and survey validation.

Ask Australia typically provides services for companies and governmental agencies that either do not have the resources internally or are suffering from overload in their own facilities. It usually provides data collection and validation services and turns the information over to the client for analysis.

The primary service product provided by Ask Australia is telephone interviewing. For questionnaires and quantitative research, the firm can provide up to 60 telephone interviewers for individual projects. The company claims to create focus groups that are fresh faces and not constructed of people who are professional survey takers.

Ask Australia can canvass large sections of the Australian population and even the entire population to develop accurate lists of respondents who are willing to participate in the program. The company has extensive multilingual expertise to ensure that all of the data collection includes non-English speakers.

Ask Australia also examines the data collection techniques and methodologies of surveys to ensure their validity.