What Type of Safety Equipment Does Sabik Sell?


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Sabik's products include signal lights and remotely operated signal systems that aid navigation and increase safety on oil rigs, offshore wind farms, railways and aquaculture farms. It has offices in Europe and Singapore.

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Sabik's range of marine lanterns includes buoy lanterns, beacon lanterns and range lights. Power supplies of different varieties, including solar and wind, are also available. For items used in the oil and gas industry, Sabik has products with hazardous area approvals. Fog signals and fog detectors are among its products used for offshore projects. Sabik provides products that mark offshore wind farms' boundaries, and these markers can be temporary or permanent.

Aquaculture farms also need to mark their boundaries, especially those growing in size and based in the open sea. Sabik has several varieties of lanterns and remote monitoring systems for aquaculture operations. Sabik also sells navigation aids for use on railways, such as main and distant signals, shunting signals and country-specific signals. Sabik was among the first companies to provide remote monitoring for its navigation products, and it focuses primarily on innovation; almost one-third of its employees work in research and development. Sabik participates in the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities.

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