What Type of Quotes Does DailyFinance Provide?


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DailyFinance provides quotes for major market indexes, such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the Nasdaq and the S&P 500, indicates the official website. DailyFinance also provides a stock quote search feature allowing users to view the current price of stocks.

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DailyFinance offers extensive financial planning and investment tools, including free courses on the basics of the stock market and how to diversify investment portfolios through asset allocation, cites the company’s website. DailyFinance offers a course on banking services that teaches users some of the basic services that banks offer and how to get the most out of checking and savings accounts.

DailyFinance features an introductory course on understanding stock market indexes that helps new investors understand some of the terminology behind the markets, according to the company. The course discusses the different types of investors, such as institutional investors versus individual investors, and the types of investment goals those investors seek. Since stock market indexes and the companies that trade on the indexes are so vast, DailyFinance’s educational courses single out the most important concepts showing users exactly how they work and how those concepts affect investment decisions. For example, DailyFinance explains to readers that over 3,000 companies trade on the New York Stock Exchange; however, only 30 companies make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

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