What Type of Questions Typically Appear on Industrial Maintenance Tests?


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Questions that typically appear on industrial maintenance tests are general true-or-false questions such as "Quality of tools may reflect quality of work" as well as specific and technical multiple-choice questions such as "Where is a joist found?" Other technical questions offer multiple choice options from which the test taker may choose one answer.

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Some true-or-false questions may deal with specifics of procedures, such as "Service requests should be filled out completely and signed before returning to the manager or office staff." Some questions about diagnosing mechanical problems ask the test taker to choose a consequence not likely to occur from a mechanical issue, such as "Which of the following would NOT cause a toilet to continually run?" This type of specific technical question asks the test taker to rule out possibilities as part of the diagnosis of the problem.

Some fill-in-the-blank type questions have the test taker supply the best missing term for a mechanical statement, such as "Muriatic acid is used to ____ the pH level in a pool." Other fill-in-the-blank questions are just as specific as the multiple choice questions, such as "On a 220-volt circuit, where the white wire is common, the red wire is normally ______."

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