What Type of Products Do Racking Companies Sell?


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Racking companies sell a variety of products that focus on the structure and storage of materials within a warehouse, such as the modular placement of cargo containers or the stacking of smaller boxes before and after shipment. These companies also typically offer custom construction and planning services, along with the option to pay for direct installation.

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The main products available from racking companies consist of custom solutions for warehouse inventory management, typically in the form of shelves and racks. Each company offers a different set of racking tools, with some specializing in certain types of storage or warehouses. Many companies offer a basic static rack system, which consists of multiple shelves, typically made out of various types of metal, upon which the warehouse may place a variety of inventory types, such as boxes. In some cases, the company may also work with the warehouse to determine the appropriate size and shape of racks for the space.

Another type of product commonly available from racking companies is a dynamic storage system that allows for the movement of boxes or other items between racks. Some companies may sell racks with a series of connected rollers that allow workers to manually slide boxes between sections, such as moving them from a receiving section to an unpacking area. Alternately, the company may offer an automated retrieval system, which includes gears and motors that move the boxes between locations. In this case, the company may also sell the software to manage the system.

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