What Type of Products Does J-B Weld Make?


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J-B Weld specializes in producing durable epoxy adhesive products. Its original products include a slow-setting two part epoxy called J-B Weld and a faster-setting epoxy called KwikWeld. Other original products are an epoxy putty called J-B Stik and a special underwater adhesive called WaterWeld. Newer additions to the J-B Weld product line are specialized adhesives for wood, plastic, metal and other surfaces.

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Original J-B Weld epoxy includes a tube of resin and another tube of hardener. An individual mixes the material together in equal amounts and applies the mix to a clean surface after pre-roughing it with sandpaper. The mix hardens into a malleable putty within four to six hours and fully hardens in 15 to 24 hours. Original J-B Weld epoxy can withstand steady hot temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and cold temperatures as low as minus 67 degrees Fahrenheit. It can act as an electrical insulator and is safe in a microwave oven.

KwikWeld epoxy is similar to original J-B Weld, but it hardens for shaping within four minutes and fully hardens in four to six hours. KwikWeld can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. J-B Weld and KwikWeld bond well to many surfaces, including metal, porcelain, concrete and glass. They do not bind well to canvas, vinyl, leather, flexible rubber and certain types of plastic.

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