What Type of Products Does HGR Industrial Surplus Sell?


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HGR Industrial Surplus sells a variety of used industrial equipment, including electronics, woodworking, motors, shop equipment and robots. All of the products in the company's inventory are purchased directly by a team of buyers located in the eastern United States.

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Products that are purchased by HGR Industrial Surplus are delivered on a daily basis to the company's showroom located in Euclid, Ohio. The types of equipment and products in the showroom vary depending on the stock being delivered and the products purchased by the company's buyers. Products purchased from the HGR showroom are sold as-is and are protected by a guaranteed return policy for 30 days.

Products delivered to the HGR showroom are immediately catalogued into the company's online inventory system by the inventory staff. Products that have been kept in the HGR showroom for extended periods of time are more likely to carry a price markdown. Customers can also use HGR's online product listing to make their own price bids, which are then reviewed by the company's staff. HGR Industrial Surplus also holds occasional sales events during periods when its showroom shelves become overstocked.

Owners of surplus industrial equipment can always contact HGR Industrial Surplus to sell their items.

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