What Type of Products Are Available Through Ideal Poultry?

Ideal Poultry sells live baby chickens and over a dozen other types of live baby poultry. It also sells gifts, supplies, posters, notebooks and books.

Ideal Poultry's line of chickens includes standard white, brown and tinted egg layers in dozens of different breeds. Specific breeds include white leghorns, California whites, buff Catalanas, production reds and red shoulder Yokahamas. Other types of chickens include broilers, Ameraucanas, crested and bantams.

In addition to chickens, Ideal Poultry sells ducks, such as black and white magpies, domesticated grey mallards, black runners and crested blue Swedish. Ideal Poultry's line of geese includes American buffs, white Chinese and tufted Romans. Its turkeys include black, chocolate, Narragansett and blue slate.

Ideal Poultry sells guineas, or keets, in lavender, pearl, pied and white, as well as ringneck pheasants and chukar partridges.

Aside from live poultry, Ideal Poultry also sells gifts, such as ball caps and t-shirts. Supplies available through Ideal Poultry include straw, night lights, hatching supplement and heat packs for shipping. Ideal Poultry sells books, ranging from children's books to how-to guides, and posters.

As of December 2015, the minimum order for Ideal Poultry products, excluding shipping, is $25. Local regulations vary, with permits required for poultry ownership in some areas.