How Do You Type and Print a Letter Online?

Type and print a letter online by using an online word processor such as those available through Microsoft Office Live, Google Docs, Zoho Docs and ThinkFree Online, as of 2015. Each tool allows you to type and format the letter using standard desktop options and print to any local printer.

The word processing tool on Microsoft Office Live uses the same program structure as its desktop counterpart, Microsoft Office, such as starting with a template, changing page indentation and modifying text color and spacing. It allows you to save documents to a Microsoft OneDrive account for remote access and to print by accessing the Print option from the file menu. To access the service and save documents, you may need to sign into a Microsoft account and associate the service.

Google Docs is available to anyone with a Google Account and offers the same standard set of writing tools, including its own set of fonts and colors. You can also save documents to your Google Drive storage account and print via the File menu.

Zoho Docs offers basic word editing options with some tools for changing the format of text, such as different alignments or indentations. It includes some review options, such as a spell check and grammar check tools. To print, click on the Print option from the File menu and select an available device.

The ThinkFree Online word processor program exists within its online office and file storage system and supports standard printing.