What Type of Medical Supplies Does Moore Medical Offer?

What Type of Medical Supplies Does Moore Medical Offer?

Moore Medical offers medical-surgical supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals, according to the company's website, as of 2015. Some examples of products sold by Moore Medical include syringes, gloves, bandages and laboratory supplies.

Other products offered by Moore Medical include surgical supplies, RX and OTC pharmaceuticals, products for controlling infections, needles and needle disposal products, according to the Moore Medical website. Customers can also choose from products related to personal care, point-of-care testing, orthopaedics, and personal protection and safety.

Health care professionals may shop at Moore Medical to purchase medical supplies related to urology, ostomy, intravenous therapy, and patient transport and extrication, as seen on the company's website. Moore Medical also sells training and education materials, medical apparel, exam room supplies and various medical instruments.

Moore Medical is a subsidiary of McKesson Medical-Surgical, and the company directly markets and distributes products through multiple channels, including the Internet, states the Moore Medical website. Moore Medical currently services over 120,000 different organizations associated with the medical field.

Customers of Moore Medical include surgeons, podiatrists, doctors and obstetricians, notes the company's website. Gynecologists, pediatricians and emergency medical technicians may also find necessary products at Moore Medical. The company also sells medical supplies to colleges, universities and other schools, as well as correctional facilities, government agencies, municipalities, and other occupational and industrial health care professionals.