What Type of Knee Pads Are Best for Construction Work?


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The best knee pads for construction work are those that provide support and protection appropriate to the work environment while also allowing flexibility and comfort, according to Bestcovery. Manufacturers design three general types of knee pads: hard cap, soft cap and flat cap. Construction workers choose the best type according to the tasks they are doing and the degree of potential danger at the work site.

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Hard cap knee pads generally offer the greatest degree of protection, soft cap pads allow greater mobility and flat cap pads work best for jobs that require kneeling all day, notes Bestcovery. Construction workers use hard cap pads when working on rough surfaces, such as concrete and gravel. Hard cap pads offer the most protection from impacts and sharp objects. Hardwood floors and tile require the use of pads with soft surfaces to avoid damage. Flat cap knee pads reduce strain and fatigue because they require less effort to maintain stability.

Good knee pads protect workers' knees, and they provide the reinforcement necessary to avoid long-term joint damage, notes Bestcovery. Manufacturers construct hard cap knee pads from tough, thick plastic with rigid foam on the inside. Designers make soft cap pads with gel inserts that are less restrictive. Makers of flat cap pads normally use gel on the inside, and some cover the face with rubber or soft plastic, so they don't mar work surfaces.

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