What Type of Jobs Are Well-Suited to Senior Citizens?

Types of jobs well-suited to senior citizens include jobs working for a former employer, consulting positions, low-stress part-time jobs and temporary accounting or administrative jobs. Further, becoming an adjunct professor or doing volunteer work may also be ideal for seniors.

While going back to work full-time for a former employer is most likely not desirable for a senior, working part-time there may be. Because employers don't like losing valued employees, contacting a former boss to set up a part-time work schedule is sometimes favorable for a senior citizen. For retired seniors with advanced degrees or experience, a project-based consulting job is another option. A lot of companies are actively looking for retirees with decades of work experience in their respective fields to hire as consultants.

In general, low-stress part-time jobs are most suitable for senior citizens. Types of positions that fit that criteria are retail jobs, call center jobs, teaching assistant and childcare jobs. If looking not for steady work but for a break in leisure time, temporary accounting, bookkeeping and/or administrative jobs can fill that void. Lasting anywhere from one day to several weeks, temp jobs also often don't require a certain skill-set or experience. Volunteering is well-suited to seniors as well, as it can be enjoyable for them to work at places like an animal shelter.