What Type of Jobs Are Offered at Companies That Do Car Wrap Advertising?


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Job notices promoting wrap car advertising are scams and these jobs are not legitimate, regardless of the name of the company used in the job ad. Scammers typically seek people interested in making easy money for driving, but these emails are typically an elaborate ruse for a check fraud scheme.

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What Type of Jobs Are Offered at Companies That Do Car Wrap Advertising?
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Job seekers need to be wary of job descriptions seeking local drivers for car wrap advertising. These jobs are supposedly offered by legitimate brand name companies that many people recognize, and the pay ranges from $400 to $600 per week. The description claims that companies are willing to pay individuals a rental fee for the use of the vehicle as a mobile billboard. Participants are required to place vinyl decals depicting the company name on their vehicles and drive as normal. According to the job description, all one needs to do to secure the position is provide personal information such as name, age, occupation, car make and contact details.

The scam is activated once the newly hired job seeker receives a check for a certain amount of money. The individual is instructed to deposit the check in his bank account, make a partial withdrawal of the funds and send money to a third party via bank wire transfer. Once the bank discovers that the check is fake, the bank account holder is responsible for repaying money owed to the bank.

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