What Type of Jobs Can You Get With a BS in Biology?


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Biology is a broad area of study with several sub-disciplines, so the career options for an individual with a BS degree in biology can vary greatly, depending on the student's area of specialization. For example, students who specialized in molecular biology can work as biomedical research specialists or clinical lab specialists at universities or medical institutions. Other areas of specialization in biology include animal behavior, biotechnology, botany, forestry and microbiology.

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What Type of Jobs Can You Get With a BS in Biology?
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Biological technicians work in the medical field and are often required to have a bachelor's degree in biology. They assist with biological and medical research by conducting tests and experiments and then analyzing the results. Biological technicians typically work closely with doctors, nurses, pharmacists and even scientists, and they generally work under close supervision. Biological technicians are also called laboratory technicians and biologist technicians.

Zoo biologist jobs often require a bachelors degree in biology or a closely related field. These positions require workers to help care for animals or to work with endangered animal species. Those who specialize in marine biology and have experience working with ocean life can become marine biologists. This career is ideal for those who enjoy learning about the biology of ocean animals and studying their behaviors and interactions with one another and the environment.

According to All Job Openings, individuals with a BS in biology can also work as forensic scientists, biology teachers, nutritionists, food science technicians and environmental scientists.

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