What Type of Items Are in the Cummins Parts Catalog?

The Cummins parts catalog includes items for accessories and maintenance. The Cummins Electronic Parts Catalog contains build data for 4 million new and ReCon engines built from 1984 to present. Other Cummins catalogs are for service tools and publications.

The Cummins Electronic Parts Catalog also includes parts illustrations, shop order content, part number files and service parts topics. The catalog is updated bi-monthly. It is available on a 3-CD ROM package that covers all market segments or as individual CD ROMS for markets such as mid-range, heavy duty or high horsepower.

Access to the catalogs is available through subscription. QuickServe online members receive access to the parts, service tools and publications catalogs. Members also receive access to engine data plate information and owners' manuals.

Fleets and smaller service shops can subscribe for the preferred membership. This membership offers access to parts catalogs, service bulletins, service parts topics and online parts price quotes. The preferred membership also offers access to troubleshooting/repair manuals and operations/maintenance manuals.

A limited owner's plan subscription is free and limited to five engine serial numbers. Fleets and small service shops may register through their Cummins distributor. This allows them to access an unlimited number of engine serial numbers. The distributor determines the registration price.