What Type of Items Can You Find at Henslin Auctions?

What Type of Items Can You Find at Henslin Auctions?

Henslin Auctions feature estate items, farm equipment, construction equipment and Ice Castle Fish Houses, in addition to guns and toys. Auction sites vary according to seller, and Henslin Auctions handles all aspects of the auction. Henslin Auctions hosts both on-site and online auctions.

Henslin hosts full estate auctions, primarily for farms. Estate auctions items include heavy equipment, farm vehicles, household items and antiques. Previous estate auctions have included cars, golf carts, snow mobiles, scooters and boats.

Henslin Auctions specializes in farm equipment and frequently holds farm retirement auctions. Types of farming equipment sold include cultivators, chisel plows, seeders and planters. In the past, farm equipment auctions have included new, used and antique items. Auction selection varies by seller.

Henslin Auctions often features construction equipment and materials. Construction auctions have included semi-trucks, excavators, liquid tanks, cherry pickers and back hoes. Previous construction auctions have also included pickup trucks, snow blowers and construction supplies.

Henslin Auctions has auctioned new, used and refurbished Ice Castle Fish Houses. The company features guns, especially hunting rifles, and toys in many of its auctions. Toy auctions are primarily of model toy farm equipment.

Henslin Auctions hosts auctions in the upper Midwest and online. Auction dates, locations and catalogues are published months in advance. Online auctions require an account for bidding.