What Type of Internet Service Is Good for a Small Business?


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Though the specific requirements may vary between companies, small businesses typically benefit from Internet service that includes high upstream and downstream speeds as well as additional security features and access to technical support. Companies with fewer employees may benefit from plans with slower speeds, as these plans often feature lower costs.

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Consider the specific needs of your company to choose the best type of service, starting with the number of employees that need Internet access at a time. Many DSL and cable systems support multiple users at a time, along with some additional systems, without significant loss in speed. If your business has dozens of employees or your work involves uploading and downloading large files, you may consider a cable or fiber optic system, as these typically include faster speeds and thus a larger number of concurrent users.

Each Internet service provider also includes additional features in small business packages, such as security options to protect employees while using the Internet, access to mobile Wi-Fi hot spots or on-site technical support. Take these factors into account when choosing a plan, as some plans may feature a higher price for features that do not add any benefit to your business. You should also look at the fee structure for the service plans, including costs for renting equipment.

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